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Arun Ghosh is a British-Asian clarinettist, Composer and Music educator. Conceived in Calcutta, bred in Bolton, matured in Manchester and now living in London, Arun Ghosh’s musical vocabulary and vision reflects his rich geographical heritage. Using the spirit and language of jazz, with the sounds and styles of hip- hop, Indian classical and folk, western classical, rock, pop and avant-garde, Arun’s music is full of lyrical melodies and searching harmonies, down to earth directness and psychedelic ambient introspection. Arun Ghosh treads his own path, transcending traditional music genre boundaries, with a Mancunian swagger through jazz-noir aural landscapes to a new 21st Century global acoustic destination. His Indo-Jazz sextet play original music of South Asian origin with a contemporary jazz attitude, rocking urban beats and the passion of punk. Sweet and timeless melodies give birth to soaring improvisations and raag explorations, driven by a heady mix of dub-reggae bass, tabla trickery and ferocious drum explosions.

Video Links

Arun Ghosh – Dagger Dance (Live)

Arun Ghosh – Sufi Stomp (Soul of Sindh)