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Deobrat Mishra

Sitarist / Surbahar player /
Music Composer

Deobrat Mishra represents the 11th generation of the Banares tradition. He is also the son of legendary sitar maestro Padma Shri Shivnath Mishraji​. ​


Musician / Producer / DJ /
Tattoo Artist / Model

Achui Shimray is the leader of ‘Featherheads’ the band, a collective of musicians rooted in their Naga heritage.of North East India.


Singer / Composer / Painter / Actor / Chef & Spiritual Guru.

The Princess of Pop of the 90’s, her
journey makes her a multi-dimensional
artist having released music around
the world in 13 languages.



Anuranjan Murmu akaTom Mumru is an icon who has given a voice to the Santal tribe of the Adivasi community of Jharkhand. He has over 200k+
followers on YouTube



Tirthankar Poddar aka 2Blue, has
performed more than a 1000+ live
shows in the past 20+ years, received
multiple awards and is among
the Top10 Singers/Bands in India.


Singer / Musician / Composer

The ex-vocalist of Judas Priest is among the most important metal vocalists of Rock history. He currently performs with Iced Earth, Beyond Fear & Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force.


Our talent is to grow yours. Show us your talent, we will give it an edge.and make it shine.


Some of the artists we have managed and marketed under the Crescendo Music Label


SYD is founded by Suresh Thomas, one of the best known names in the Indian Music Industry. An industry veteran he has been associated with CBS Records, Magnasound, Warner Music, BMG and has his own label, Crescendo Music. He is known as a pioneer and maverick in music marketing.

Suresh started the concept of “Artist Management” in India 30+ years ago, when no one was even aware of the term. He was the first individual to sign local talent and arrange for their recordings, promotions and stage performances. Some of the best examples of his success stories are Mika, Lucky Ali, Anaida, Mohit Chauhan, Nitin Bali, Sukhbir Singh, Mehnaz and Baba Sehgal.

Today, the music independent industry has grown and artist managers are everywhere. However, most of these artist managers are nothing more than glorified booking agents for gigs. A handful are actually involved with artist development and shaping careers. I foresee tremendous growth and demand for independent music and performers and a far greater demand than Bollywood music. Where there is growth, there is opportunity. The quest to produce a complete raw talent to Stardom is our mission.


Our company offers a variety of opportunities to Individuals and organizations to partner with us via Production, Branding, Customization, Advertising and beyond. We believe that every partnership has to be a win-win for both parties.
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