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Soul of Banaras is a musical project of Deobrat Mishra a Sitarist and Surbahar(a rare instrumental) player and also a Music Composer. He introduces to the world the musical flavor of Banaras ancient Music with five different musical Instruments.He is an exponent of the Banaras Gharana school which is one of the leading music Gharanas of Indian Classical Music having ha music legacy of a few hundred years and he represents the 11th generation of the Banares tradition. He is also the son of legendary sitar maestro Padma Shri Shivnath Mishra ji, a legendary Sitarist. Deobrat Mishra’s playing style is original and unique as he plays Banarasi Thumri on the sitar, combining it with Dhrupad and Khayal styles of singing, creating a rare new style. He has an energetic and innovative playing style live with typical features of melody, and rhythmic complexity. He has recently toured with Jazz Guitar legend Al Di Meola and also the winner of the Visionary Award for World music 2021 (USA).

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Sitar Emotions-Rag Desh by Deobrat Mishra

Soul of Benares – Indian Classical Instrumental Orchestra