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Anuranjan Murmu a.k.a Tom Mumru is a Dumka, Jharkhand-based singer-composer. An icon and the voice to the Santal tribe of the Adivasi community, his contribution to Santhali music is giving it a modern, global sound to his tribal music, which has spread beyond Jharkhand to the other states of Assam, Bihar, Odisha, and West Bengal as well as internationally to Bangladesh and Nepal.

He dresses in exquisitely designed, vibrant “Panchis” to symbolise his cultural roots of the Santhal tribe. His music consists of expressing their feelings and daily struggles that highlight the colourful and rich Santhali culture. His fusion music appeals to and is relatable to all age groups. His songs are about love, culture, and social issues unique to his community.

With ten music-related original videos and over 51 million views, Tom has amassed over 200k+ YouTube subscribers in just six years. Some of his most well-known songs were “More Botol Paura,” “Photo Rein Tag Meya,” “Esel Kudi,” “Koka Kola,” and more, with over 10 million views and more.

He was also one of the winners of the 2019 NextUp for Artists by YouTube India

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Buru Kocha Nala
Tom Murmu

Tom Murmu

Photo Rein Tag Keh Meya
Tom Murmu