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Classical / Jazz / Blues / Pop / Rock

Pablo Salinas is the creator of Sinfonity –  the worlds #1 Electric Guitar Orchestra who achieve a groundbreaking soundscape only using the traditional electric guitar. The Orchestra comprises some of the most prestigious guitar players from the Spanish scene.
Sinfonity music is a tribute to the composers of great works from Classical, Jazz, Pop & Rock. The arrangements and groundbreaking sound design only using traditional electric guitar amplified sounds reveals new life to such masterpieces, without missing a note and amplifying the connection between music and emotion with today´s sound, with full respect to the score, also with full commitment to enjoy the best music ever with the audience.
He has actively participated in countless album recordings and shared the stage with such big names as Leo Brouwer, Kevin Ayers,  Jennifer López, Enrique Morente and others.Salinas also performs as a soloist with his electric guitar playing Brouwer music.