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Tirth Shinde had begun his musical journey at the younge age of 11, being the son of famous Marathi Singer, Composer & Lyricist Balu Shinde, He has released over a 100 songs of which he has superhits like ‘Me Ekta Bass’, ‘Sawakar’, Bhalya Bhalyana Jaun Vichar’ has garnered over 50 million views.

Tirth Shinde started with Music production because of my father Balu Shinde and he did this without any formal training. As time went by he also became a Singer, Lyricist, Composer & Producer. He also is an acclaimed Video editor who has edited 400+ songs. His songs are not only a hit on YouTube but also Instagram with over 300 Million views. He intends to break the mould of being a Marathi Producer but also progress to the Hindi Indi-Pop genre and move to mainstream Bollywood Music.

Video Links

Mi Ekta Bas – Official Track
Tirth Shinde

Mazya Dilacha Sambhalchal Ka Karbhar Savkar
Tirth Shinde

 Bhalya Bhalyana Jaun Vichar Fakt Maz Nav
Tirth Shinde