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Hailing from Hyderabad, India. she was the lead singer of a Rock band called The agamuffins who went solo in 2020. Her genre of music is Pop, Soul & RnB. Her musical journey includes Five singles and an EP under her belt, with several shows around India and a couple abroad too.Her music is based on stories from my life, my desire to spread love and positivity and also an attempt to uplift people. “Peekay” is an act that focuses on making everyone get up, dance and relate to the story behind every song.Her live act includes Guitars, Drums, Bass and Voices along with Synths and other electronic elements which creates my signature Pop/RnB sound that I love vibing with people to!

Video Links

Sunshine On The Street (Original)

You Don’t Have To (Ft. Jonathan Edward)

Peekay – Much Better