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Ringo Music Housie – The Music Housie Experience is the best new party game app in India. It is Housie with Hop, an exciting musical spin on the traditional board game of Housie, instead of calling a number, it is replaced with popular Music. The Music playlists get the players having the time of their lives singing along, dancing along and playing to win. The ultimate entertainment game for any venue like Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, etc. or occasion from Fund raising activities, Corporate events, Social events like Birthdays, Weddings, Festivals or any time you just want to have Fun.

‘An exciting musical spin on the game of Housie,
instead of numbers, it is replaced by Music’

  • The best Music game of skill in the market
  • Easy and fun to play no knowledge required.
  • Appeals to a wide audience, everyone can play.
  • The most affordable entertainment option available.
  • Play like a quiz or like Housie.
  • Each game is unique no two games are the same
  • The game can be played as an individual or team game.
  • It’s flexible for customers to join any time during the game.
  • Our app can auto play and check if you are a winner too.
  • Everyone has an equal chance to win various Prizes
  • The playlists have various Genres, Languages & Themes.
  • Experience gets everyone to Sing, Dance, Laugh and Play.


The product sounds great, is great!
and gets the crowd singing their hearts out

The U.S.P of Ringo Music Housie and what do you will get

• The U.S.P of Ringo Music Housie and what do you will get.
• The best Music Housie game available in the market
• A premium package at an affordable price
• New music and popular compilations added each monthly
• The Music is designed to entertain a mixed crowd
• Auto systems for checking Housies, play without host, etc.
• Unlimited number of players & games.
• Customization with your logos, Break offers, etc.
• A chance to win nationally sponsored prizes.
• Full training and customer support
• Active customer support
• Analytics and statistics



Join the latest game craze around the world now in India with Ringo Music Housie -The game that gets you more customers than an average night, gets them singing, dancing, screaming, shouting with joy and coming back again and again, ideal for any venue where you want a fun new entertainment choice.

Ringo Music Housie combines the greatest songs with the excitement of Housie! Instead of normal Housie numbers, we play songs. Players listen to the music and mark the right songs to their game tickets. When a player gets the songs right as per dividends announced, they will shout ‘Ringo Music Housie’ for a winner!

Ringo Music Housie is simple to get started and play, the day we receive you sign up you can start the same day. It’s ready to go out of the box. You will need to download the software, just plug in and play! Play the software on a computer and show it on your TV/screens. It will run the game requiring only a single button press to play! The catalog to pick from contains various music genres with an option of you creating your own song lists. The software plays the most recognizable parts of each song – every song clip turns into a sing-along part




The game is simple and Housie at its core. In the game instead of numbers we use songs/artist name and the cards also have songs/artist name on the playing cards. The organizer will give you a Housie game sheet. Then songs are played that get you jamming and singing along! If the music played has the songs/artist name on your game card then you mark these songs/artist names to your sheet. Notice that all songs/artist name are not found in your Housie sheet. When you get the sheet done as per the Winning levels announced shout out “Ringo Music Housie!” and we have a winner

The Sing Song catalog contains numerous music categories, so you’re sure to hear the top hits from past decades through today

Sing Song is all about a good time Sing, dance, laugh….and the best part is everyone has an equal chance to win. Players can win nightly prizes provided by the organizer as per Winning levels announced. They also have chances to win prizes nationally sponsored by Sing Song.

Anyone Can Win. Sing Song random song playback ensures that everyone has an equal chance to win, and if you don’t know the title, just ask your neighbor!

There are at up to five winners in each Sing Song game.

1. Five songs right anywhere in the Housie sheet
2. Top horizontal line of the sheet
3. Middle horizontal line of the sheet
4. Bottom horizontal line of the sheet
5. Full Ticket of the sheet

The Rules & Rewards of the game is decided by the Organizer prior to the start of the game. If you are alone, you can always join a game at the closest venue near you. Ask a venue near you to host Ringo Music Housie India’s latest game with Hip, Hop & Heart and get rewarded. Check here

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No, if you have a Windows Computer, TV/Screens. Cordless mike, Sound system (Amplifier &Speakers) and a host. If your venue doesn’t have screens then the game can be played with only music

A professional host is recommended to guarantee a high-quality event and a good atmosphere. But the software is designed with a build-in Autopilot option too, so you can play without a dedicated host. It will run the game requiring only a single button press to play by any responsible person of your staff.

Yes, you have to be a member to get the software and then you can choose your membership plan as per your choice. There are no long commitments. You may cancel or pause your membership at any time.

We have a support system where we help you to select the right date & time to have your events, provide Creatives (only designs) for Posters, Standees, etc and social media marketing too

One round lasts about 20-30 minutes. Usually, one night has four rounds and lasts about two hours.

The prizes you give away will be the get customers more excited to come back. Prizes can vary from free drinks to value vouchers. An enterprising venue can also get local traders of offer products as Gifts for brand promotion. A Jackpot offer will also make it interesting.

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