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Published on: Podcasts

Raga 2 Rock Corp announces the launch of its Podcasts division with 20+ shows across various Genres and Categories.

The platform will launch with 30+ shows content are some of the finest consciously minded podcasts in the sea of over 4 million.

With over 20+ years of being an integral part of the Music business, Raga to Rock Corp’s Podcasts division aims to create programs that will offer a wide range of Music and Artist related podcasts featuring various themes related to Music and subjects close to various Artists from Motivational, Spiritual, Movies, Humour, etc. The content will cover various genres and categories, that is meaningful and will be noticed and hopefully endure the test of time.

Founder Pradeep Joseph believes “Today consuming content online is very much a part of our everyday life and hectic lifestyles, and listening to Podcasts is a trend that has caught on very quickly. We felt there was a need for a podcast platform that offers shows exclusively that revolve around Music. We dared to create content that others do not for this growing segment. This is what Raga to Rock Podcasts is all about.”

Raga to Rock Corp’s Podcasts 30+ shows offers programs that connect you across various spectrums of emotions like some motivate you with stories, take you to your spiritual side with Music, Diet and Life lessons. There are also educational shows that help you with the process of Sound production, others take you down memory lanes of Music & Movies and also knock you off your chair with their crazy humor. It’s a complete mix of Music and Artists combined.

Today it is very challenging for audiences to find the content they want in a sea of over 4 million podcasts. Raga to Rock Corp has the finest consciously minded podcasts and created this platform.

Notable Examples of Content:

We have shows with some of the leading professionals from the Industry Artists like Anaida’s -“Song, Soul & Soup” & 2Blue’s – “Dare to Dream” , Musicologists – Chaitanya Padukone’s “Movies, Music & Memories” and Manoher Iyer’s “Keep Alive”, Pro Sound – Saibu Simon’s – “Passion for Sound” & Poets – Yogesh K, gives different aspects of how they look at the extensions of Music. We have an extensive catalogue which covers various genres and categories. To checkout our complete catalogue Website:

Pradeep Joseph, CEO – Raga to Rock “Each of the show Hosts we have been working with over the years, these influential personalities as well as their suitability to the themes we had in mind is what drew us to partner with them. We’re thrilled to be working together and can’t wait to see the success of their show”.

Listeners can tune in to the Podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, RadioPublic, Saavn, Stitcher, Facebook, and Twitter as well as a partner’s own websites and mobile apps.

For Partnership enquiries: – If you are in the Music business and looking at opportunities of partnering with us visit and explore what we offer and how we can partner or email us at: – [email protected]

For Media enquiries: – In case you would require any further clarification/information/request an interview or additional press materials. Please contact: – [email protected]

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